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March 2011

More Tickets for Music in Europe

Buying tickets for Music events

Before we go to Prague we will go to Salzburg then Vienna, all this after visiting friends but that is another blog.

I found a dinner concert at the St. Peters Abby which looks good but touristy. It takes place in one of the oldest restaurants in Europe with music of Mozart. I still haven’t bought tickets just because I’m not sure it is what we want to do. The books say it is in the famous Baroque Hall but I can’t find any information about this hall and why it is famous.

There is also the same type, dinner/concert in Vienna and I’d thought that it would be fun to attend in the castle where Mozart actually played but now I’m afraid that it will just be too touristy.

We did pick up tickets for the Opera in Vienna. We decided that we’d try to get tickets and I went to a site in English but there were only 2 tickets, each nearly $200. We talked and talked but then I decided to search some more before purchasing. I then found 4 left for the date we could go; 2 in the highest price range and 2 in the 3rd. This entire site was in German so we had to guess at lots of words and did look some up on a translator site. At least I think that we got them as we couldn’t read everything. Once I picked the tickets up I went back and there were none but we think that we got them. We also bought tickets for a concert at the Concert-house and tickets to hear the Requiem at St. Charles Church.

As for hotels, they were going fast. I used the same technic I’d used for Prague; Frommer and tripadvisor.com for reviews then reviewing the maps for actual locations in relation to event locations. This took lots of time but I think that we have hotels in very central locations within walking distance to many events. But even as I was getting the rooms I picked up the last rooms at one hotel. I used hotels.com so after the trip we will have earned some free nights.

The tickets for Barber of Seville arrived so now the trip is becoming a reality.

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A Little European Music

Preparing for listening to some music in Europe

About 20 years ago we took our 3 pre-teen boys to Dorothy Chandler, The Music Center, to hear Vivaldi’s “The 4 Seasons”. We went to the lecture before the concert where the conductor played music which had actually been recorded at a historic music hall. I don’t remember which hall the music was recorded at any more but I do remember that my middle son and I looked at each other and said that we needed to go to Europe to hear the music.

I’ve been to Prague a couple of times during the winter traveling with some of our German friends, staying in a B&B outside of the old city and doing fun stuff but there was so much music to hear. After our last trip I told my husband, Dale that I really wanted to visit Prague during the spring, to sit and drink coffee at the outdoor cafes, walk the river and attend classical music concerts.

Last year I was listening to money guru Clark Howard who said that for those who have frequent flier miles it was a good time to plan a European trip. There was the way to Prague as each Dale and I have plenty of miles. The day that the flights were available I picked up our tickets.

I got in touch with our friends in Belgium and in Germany and sent them a message that we’d be coming, then got on line and started researching music in Prague. As I researched Mozart the path pointed to Salzburg and Vienna. Gosh the trip expanded quickly.

Until now I’ve been too busy to plan this trip except for some searches for concerts. Finally, I sat down determined to book our rooms and some of the concerts. I was afraid that we would not get seats or rooms if more time passed. Good thing I started when I did.

I first started with some concerts that we knew we wanted to see, mainly Don Giovanni at the Estates Theater. It was at this theater that Mozart opened Don Giovanni and I’d only been outside the theater. The program was not available until just this past week and Don Giovanni was not on it but we decided that we’d see Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” instead. We also picked up tickets for Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” to be played at the Prague State Opera. Box seats for both concerts!!!

I found that concerts are played in the Prague Castle but those tickets will not go on sale until two months prior to our visit so we must wait a little longer.

Finding a hotel was not so easy; I used Fommer’s guide and found all of the hotels within the area we wanted to stay. Then got on tripadvisor.com and found all of their hotels within the location, read all of the reviews and made a list of all hotels with the ranking and price.

I found a hotel just around the corner from the old plaza, within our price range, the Hotel & Residence U Tri Bubnu; we can crawl to our hotel if we need to! It is within walking distance of everything we want to do and the hotel is one that was built in the 14th century so there is a bit of history.

So Prague is taken care of.

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