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Saga of the Visa, part 2

Another attempt at obtaining the visa

Early this morning I left and drove to Lancaster to pick up my mom, then off to L.A. again. This time we didn’t need the GPS, we knew the way.

We were at the Chinese Embassy by 11:30 and found a parking place in the shade. A good sign!

Once in the embassy we went to the 3rd floor where ones apply for the visas. The room is a large room with one wall of windows at which embassy people help those of us needing visas or passports or whatever else one needs there. The room was full of Chinese old and young, Americans of all races and ages and Buddhist monk looking people.

We took our number, A-198; there are numbers for visas, passports, and a couple other things but don’t remember. We found seats and got comfy, as comfy as one can get on a metal seat anyway. We saw that they were only on the A-140’s, a long way to go.

By 1:15 they were only up to the 160’s so I sent my mom out to put more money in the meter. She came back and we settled in for the long haul. Then all of the sudden they started calling out the A numbers and we knew that there was hope.

In the meantime we were watching the soap opera around us. One lady was at a window and started alternately yelling then pleading to the woman behind the window. She was yelling in Chinese so we didn’t know exactly what she was saying but my guess is that she wasn’t getting the visa in time to leave. The guard had to come and escort her out while she yelled all the way out. Another lady was pounding on the locked door leading into the room where employees were working behind the windows. No one ever opened the door.

Finally our number was called and we rushed up to the window. I couldn’t turn in the apps for Nate’s group, as we had not received the Declaration from each person but I did have the one for my brother and myself. As the woman helping us told me that we could pick up our passports on Wednesday my mom said I had a huge sigh of relief.

So it is back to L.A. on Wed. to pick up our passports and we will be set to leave.

The lesson here is check the embassy website for last minute changes. Don’t get caught off guard when doing a trip like this.

Posted by Miss Chris 22:57

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