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Alaska With Younger Grandkids

Another year, another grandkids trip

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Last year we decided that it would be good to take the “3 littles”, our younger 3 grandkids, to Alaska. The trip seemed like a long time away, especially since we’ve been on the road so much, and bought the tickets so long ago.

I’d priced tickets, and although we’d rather have flown from Bakersfield, the tickets from LAX were ½ of the price. So on Monday, Dale and I, 2- 7-year olds, and a 9-year old, will drive to LAX then fly to Anchorage.

This trip is much like the other grandkids trip and the ones we took our boys on, but this one will last 10 days. The sites and tours will be the same as we took the older grandkids on.

So far we have tickets to go on a Kenai Fjords cruise, a visit to the Seavey sled dogs, and camping inside of Denali for 5 nights.

Our granddaughter has been on a plane but does not remember it. The other 2 have not flown before. Our younger grandson was afraid then decided a teddy would be good to sit with him. We bought a teddy so he now says he is not afraid.
We bought each kid 2 movies of their choice and have several more to take. We will take our laptops for the movies to watch when driving or an evening after running all day.

Each kid has a camera and a walkie talkie. We are prepping them on using everything now.

2 backpacks are packed but there is lots more to pack and ready for Monday morning.

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Another Weekend, Another Birthday

And it was back to Ft Bidwell

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We had to get back to Ft Bidwell for another birthday party, this time for our older granddaughter, her 16th. The birthday party was scheduled for Sunday and, of course, I was to bake the cake. A music festival was scheduled for Saturday evening.

Our son and his family were house sitting, so having extra bedrooms was a welcome addition for the many friends who came from out of town. There were at least 15 out of town friends and family members on-hand for the festivities.

Bel had arranged for the 1st Ft Bidwell Music Festival along with $1.00 tacos. She enlisted family members and family friends to help put the food together. IMG_20160702_181948479.jpg

Bel had asked some of "the more" talented friends and family to sing. The music started with a local, young lady, who writes and sings her own music. I wanted to tape her music but knew that it wouldn’t come across well and I didn’t have permission.

Other singers included a good family friend and her daughter, who sang from Janis Joplin to songs in Spanish. Family members sang songs from their past. Last local man sang and played his guitar. He was full of jokes and puns, as well as songs. The evening was warm and people were dancing.
Sunday was Bel’s birthday and my present to her was a baking lesson on petit fours and turning over my icing recipe. My icing recipe is my own creation and it has been very popular since I came up with it. I also bought cake decorating supplies and cake pans for her cake and her gift.

Bel and I baked together and decorated together. I’d show her a step in the process and she’d run with it. It was such good quality time.
The birthday party was held in a neighbor’s pole barn. Again the evening weather was warm and perfect for a potluck dinner. Bel’s other grandfather BBQ’d chicken, she had her favorite salad and of course the cake.

Bel had wanted a pineapple cake with whipped cream icing, she doesn’t like icing. I baked a yellow cake with crushed pineapple and pineapple juice inside the cake mix. One of Bel’s out-of-town friends had a birthday as well. I made him, as per his request, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Bel and her friends chose music to dance to after her dinner. Since it was a nice evening dancing was a great way to end the weekend.

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Birthday Cake with Butterfly-Flowers

Playing in Oregon and Seattle

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Well this blog has gone off of the rails. We’ve been so busy that there has been no time to write. So now to step back and take a look at where we’ve been, before we leave on the next trip.

After Ft Bidwell, we had to head to Oregon to our youngest son’s, Clayton and his family. Clayton would be working out of state so we’d promised to help out Jen with the kids for a few days, babysitting mostly. We took kids to swim lessons, spent time reading, building with legos, just kids stuff.
We did go to lunch at a 100% gluten free brewery and then to a wine bar one evening. Both really fun adult things to do.

When we arrived in OR, our 5-year old granddaughter announced that she was going to spend the night with us on Sunday night, the night before her birthday. This would be her first time spending the night away from her parents. We hoped it would work.

Since our granddaughter wanted to go to Seattle a camping trip was in order. We made reservations at the KOA, where I’d lived 6 years earlier when working a snow storm. The kids loved the KOA with its warm pool and playground, not wanting to leave.

On Saturday we took the kids to Pike’s Market for the fish market. This is a really a fun market and I likely wrote about it last year when we took another granddaughter there. Customers order from a person in the fish area who then throws the fish to a counter person. There is also a realistic looking fish attached to a cord that jumps when the cord is pulled.

The market was quite noisy and packed with people so it wasn’t hard to leave and go back to the campground for some pool time.
Dale has a cousin in the Seattle area and we always try to meet up with he and his wife when we are in the area. Last year we actually stayed at their house on our way to Canada. This time, we only met them for lunch on Sunday at the Redhook Brewery. They are always fun to meet up with and they were glad to meet Clayton’s family. Otherwise, it was another pool day

We didn’t know how it would work with our granddaughter spending the night but she went to sleep with no problem and slept without any issues. Of course, we were the first to wish her a happy birthday. And we were so proud that we were the 1st sleepover.

Before anything, but after breakfast, we had to decorate the cake that we’d made the day before. The icing was not perfect, having had to make it on the picnic bench, but she proclaimed it the best cake ever. Flowers turned into butterfly-flowers, and a rainbow of pink and purple. What an imagination!

It was a nice day to go to the aquarium with the birthday girl and eat lunch at the pier. We oohed and awed at the giant octopus, penguins puffins and all of the other fish. It is a very nice aquarium with lots for all ages.
The sun was out and weather comfortable, the perfect day for a birthday.

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Fun in Ft. Bidwell

Lily Lake and friends

sunny 70 °F

Fathers Day was a rather lazy affair.

Bekki had suggested that we make a trip to Lily Lake, a lake just west of Ft. Bidwell, in the mountains. We packed up kids, food and wine into their car and drove up the dirt road to the lake. The road had several downed trees that had to be driven around and one spot where Dale put some branches over the edge of the road to be used to drive on.

We were surprised that quite a few people were at the lake, it seemed so remote to us.

We’d forgotten a corkscrew so asked around if anyone had one. One guy came over with an awl and a screwdriver. As Dale was pulling the cork out with the awl, the guy came back with pliers, in the event,IMG_20160619_133016188.jpgIMG_20160619_135032354.jpgIMG_20160619_144000544.jpgIMG_20160619_145044525.jpg Dale could use them. We offered him a glass of wine but he preferred the beer he brought.

In the evening, we went down to Nate’s closest neighbor as she had invited several people over for dinner. She is listed in a directory for people who want to do some organic farming and 3 women were working with her, one brand new and another who’d been there for a few days. It was great to meet new people, ones who are so involved and kind to our kids, not to mention, have some great food.

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Fun On A Road Trip

A Farmers Market and a Pirate Festival

sunny 75 °F

So the plan for this trip is: drop off almonds in Larkspur, go to Vallejo and visit an adjuster friend, then head up to Ft. Bidwell to be with our oldest boy and his family for Father’s day. On Monday we will head up to Oregon City to help out our youngest son’s family while he is traveling, then all of us will go to Seattle to play for a few days. After Seattle it is back to Ft. Bidwell for our granddaughter’s 16th birthday party. Then home. We’d thought about going up to Canada, but think that we should go home before departing for Alaska.

We made it to Larkspur before the market opened, about a 3-hour drive with the RV. We carried almonds to the Fat Uncle stand and the woman working it set up everything.
After the market opened we walked around, I was looking for coffee. We’d been in a huge hurry and hadn’t taken the time to make any. Instead, I found a stand that had Navarro wines, Pennyroyal wines and cheese made from both goat and sheep milk. We sampled wines paired with cheeses. OMG, I wanted to just crawl into the sample box and absorb the wonderful cheeses. Wine was great too, we just may need to join the Pennyroyal wine club.

We did find coffee and moved on down the road to Vallejo to meet our friend Joe. Joe is an adjuster friend who I got to know several years ago. His wife is a wonderful woman, but unfortunately working.

Joe, another friend of his and I left Dale to sleep and we went off to the Pirate Festival. If you have never been to a Pirate Festival you need to go. I thought it would be more of a kids affair but there are people who go all out. The Festival in Vallejo is at the river front. There are singing groups at various places, a canon fight, performers, food and lots of vendors. Many booths sell pirate or that era style clothing, some very nice. There’s also hand-made jewelry and pottery.

The Pirate Festival was quite fun and I told my oldest son that our grandkids would like it. He thought that they would try to go next year.
From Vallejo, Dale and I had a 7+ hour drive to Ft. Bidwell. Although we were on the same highways as our daughter-in-law, we were unable to meet up for a meal. We only saw her when she flew past us on the road. But the drive was nice and it was great to arrive at Ft. Bidwell.

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