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Driving Down the 395

Ready to Backpack but alas

sunny 75 °F

Another long day of driving, we wanted to make it to Bishop in order to backpack on Tues. Alas, it was not to be. Best to just take the journey in stride.

On Monday, we had a tire blowout on the RV and put the spare on. Then later the spare blew before we could find another replacement tire. We’d stopped a couple of tire stores along the way, but no one had a used tire for a spare.

Fortunately, the closest town with a tire store was only 25 min away so we were able to buy 2 new tires. We were on our way with a delay of a couple of hours.

We had another driving day on Tues. We’d decided to stop at the Patagonia store in Reno since we were so late. Our friend John was in Reno for the day and stopped by to see us before we left the area. Fun!

It was Dale’s birthday and we thought that maybe we could get to a campsite where there was a nice view. Our son suggested that we camp at Convict Lake then just do some day hikes out of the campground.

As we were driving south, it became more and more smoky. My nose plugged up and it became hard to breath. It was getting dark so we stopped at the rest stop near Mammoth. We found a place to park on the outside space so we were able to extend the slide out. We still made a nice dinner of sausage simmered in gluten free beer.

As we drove past Convict Lake the following morning, the smoke was so thick, worse than ever. The smoke is from a huge fire in Kings Canyon and is being blown over the sierras into the valley where 395 runs north and south. The smoke is the worse from June Lake area down to the Mt. Whitney area. We stopped at the Inner agency, where the ranger told us that he wouldn’t hike in the smoke as it is in unhealthy stages. So much for backpacking. We consoled ourselves with macaroons and coffee at Schat's. IMG_201509..2532396_HDR.jpg

We decided to return home via Walker Pass that goes into the Lake Isabella area. We thought we’d stop at the Walker Pass Campground for lunch, this is where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the area. This is the hiking trail that goes Mexico to Canada.

We stopped in the empty campground and set up for lunch in the RV. We’d finished lunch and were cleaning up when 2 young men walked up the hill with packs on. We came out of the RV and asked if they were hikers. Yes, they had been on the trail for the past 2 months, starting out in Oregon. They were going to hike to Mexico, the end of the trail. We discussed backpacking, people hiking the trail and shared water and our backpacking food with them.

The journey ended with a really great conversation.

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Working Our Way Down Vancouver Island

overcast 65 °F

Our day started well, woke up early; we had to check out of the RV park, hop on a ferry and hopefully make it to Oregon by dinner. That all looked good until I Google mapped everything and looked up the ferry schedules. We’d already missed the early ferries and wouldn’t be making Oregon any time soon.

Campbell River is close to ½ way between Victoria, in the south, and Port Hardy in the north. There are 3 options for ferries from Campbell River: Nanaimo 1-1/2 hours away, Swartz Bay 2-1/2 hours away and Victoria 3 hours away and sails to Port Angeles.

Nanaimo has fewer ferries but by the time one drives to Swartz Bay there isn’t any real time savings. Unless one has missed the last one in Nanaimo, then there are later ones from Swartz and Victoria.

We wanted to walk to the viewpoint of Elk Falls and then because we’d miss the next ferry, then we’d have lunch at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. From lunch, we’d drive down to Nanaimo and catch the 5:30 ferry to Vancouver.

The falls are a little bit of a walk away, mostly downhill, which means uphill on the way back. The path is paved so accessible to everyone. There are several paths off of the one to view the falls but I’m not sure if they are paved. The falls are small next to some we’ve seen but a nice walk. We took the dog, but she did not like the grated stairs down to the metal suspension bridge leading to a lookout. Other dogs were not having a good time either. IMG_201508..3031879_HDR.jpg

Lunch- Dave’s is right on the dock where the fishing boats come in, with about 4 little tables inside and a small counter and outside a deck. There was a line the entire time we were there, not a long one but nevertheless, someone always arriving. Everything on the menu can be made gluten-free which means I could order fish and chips. Oh, they were such a treat. Next time, I want to order the oyster sandwich!

From lunch, we stopped and bought some Canadian Whiskey for Dale and a couple of small items. Then we drove down to Nanaimo. The leaves are turning on the island and in the storm light looked so beautiful. IMG_201508..5321852_HDR.jpg

By the time we got to Nanaimo, an hour before sailing, we saw that it was 100% sold out. After calculating times to drive to the next ferry, we decided to get in line for the 8:45 sailing. We filled our time, me with doing old word games and Dale walking Twinks and napping.
All part of the journey.

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Quadra Island

Quadra and Vancouver

rain 55 °F

After breakfast and then a goodbye to Henry and Chrisanna, we had a day of driving, along with a 1-1/2 hour ferry ride over to Victoria Island. We had a reservation at an RV park not far from the ferry to Quadra Island.

The realtor from Enderby had put us in touch with Heidi, a realtor on the island. Heidi had sent several links to houses for sale and we’d chosen 9. 9 in one day is a lot.

We hopped on the 9:30 ferry to Quadra where Heidi would meet us. It was raining and windy but the island had a beauty to it. We were glad to visit in a storm, rather than a clean bright day, so we would not be jaded by striking beauty.

We saw several houses that would work, but needed more space. Then Heidi took us to one that “needed lots of work”, a bank-owned and vacant for quite some time. We toured the old B&B: tile flooring in good condition, no leaks in the main house, good bedrooms and bathroom, several acres, a building for guests, huge unfinished shed and easy walk to the beach. With lots of elbow grease, I found it to be an amazing deal.
We stopped at the farmers market and saw that it would be perfect for kids to sell farm products. Plus the chefs on the island are known for buying locally grown product, another plus.

After grabbing a lunch to go, we ran back to the car which Heidi had parked in the ferry line. The line was moving, but there was space on the ferry for her to drive on.

We had several homes on Vancouver Island to see. One I must have clicked on by accident as it was a tract home and not one we’d be interested in at all. Another, 2 single-wide mobile homes put together to form an L shape. It was quite an interesting place.

The last home we drove up to, and like the last house in Enderby, the photo didn’t match the house. I wasn’t feeling the love. We started to leave but then just decided why not see it. As it turns out, this house has lots of potential too, lots of bedrooms, land and the price is great.
We went back to our RV with lots of ideas.

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The Journey Begins

Starting the househunting process

overcast 70 °F

And so the journey begins; wondering if a move to Canada is in our future.

At home, I’d spent time looking online at properties for sale. Our problem is this: we don’t know where we really would like to settle, will kids and their families join us. I also had lots of questions about immigration.

While on the road in the US I sent some requests to various realtors for places we thought might work. As the answers came in we found that there were far more properties to see than we had time for. Also, distances were becoming an issue.

We settled for an area south-east of Kamloops for the 1st group of houses to look at. Kelli, our realtor, found several houses for us to look at online and then to select for an inspection. I selected 4 of the homes to see.

We drove the 4-1/2 hours to the Kamloops area and met Kelli. She’d done a great job in selecting properties that might work for us. And really, she went way out of her way to spend time with people who don’t even know exactly what they are looking for.

The 1st house had lots of issues: water damage on the ceilings, holes in doors, insulation torn off of the wall in an unfinished room, fencing falling apart. We quickly left, someone else can work on this one.

2nd property has lots of possibilities. The house is small for everyone, but there is a huge workshop, small workshop, places for animals, a gazebo that overlooks the valley and river below.

3rd property also has lots of possibilities and a really great patch of farmland.

4th property looked so great on paper, well online in this case. The realtor thought it might be perfect too: a 2 story log house with unfinished basement plus 28 acres. It was vacant so it seemed we could move in quickly. Well, photos can be deceiving! The house had apparent leaks everywhere and someone had squirted foam insulation in between every log and wherever there was a space. We found water stains on ceilings and in the A-frame ceiling paneling was coming off. Furniture, musical instruments, food, wine and clothes were in every room and there was a smell of cigarettes. Vinyl flooring had been removed in some of the rooms, some vinyl was completely lifting. Then we went down to the basement to find what had been a “grow op”. No pot was left, but anything one would need to grow was there. Someone else can work on this one. To boot, the acreage was on steep hills and packed with trees.

We will be off to Vancouver Island to look some more.

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Old Friends, New Friends

Dale reconnected with his college roommate from 50 years ago.

sunny 85 °F

Chef_Henry.jpgWe’d stopped at the last rest stop in Washington to spend the night thinking that it would be much easier to cross the border into Canada in the morning. There were several reasons, mostly because we didn’t want to arrive late at our friend’s house in Canada. As it turned out it was a good call.

We were going to Dale’s college roommate’s house, Henry and his wife Chrisanna. I’d met Henry once many years ago but didn’t get to know him at all. Dale lost track of Henry and then thru the wonderful searches in Facebook, reconnected. They had a guy’s weekend in Palm Springs a year or so ago and then Henry and I became friends on Facebook as well.

We were in Vancouver only last month and I tried to connect with Henry, but as it turned out he’d had medical issues and didn’t get my message. He and his wife wanted for us to return and stay with them, so when the opportunity came up for us to return to Canada, we connected.

I was a little apprehensive about staying with people I didn’t really know but knew that it was important to Dale. I also have learned over the years that it is important to be open to new opportunities and new friendships.

We had the most amazing day with Henry and his wife. We set outside and talked like old friends. Then Henry made his specialty dinner for us and Chrisanna set the table with their finest tableware. We brought in some really good wines from our RV and we shared a wonderful meal: Greek salad, fresh corn on the cob, rice and broiled steelhead trout.
Henry told Dale that skiing a run together was on his bucket list. I think that it is something we will need to do sooner than later. And since we will need to look at additional properties it is surely something we can combine. Besides we needed an excuse to come up and ski.

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