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Downtime with the Family

Taking a little downtime

sunny 100 °F

We arrived in Oregon City by 10pm. We were happy to get out of the car, after about 14 hours, and have some wine with our son and daughter-in-law. Grandkids were happy to be together at last.

It has been fun to just take some down time even though I’ve had and still have work to complete. It is also a time to re-group for the next few weeks. We threw things into the RV before leaving so now we can actually put stuff away before we leave.

Oregon has such pretty city and state parks. City parks have water pads, and great playgrounds. I don’t understand why city governments, in other states, can’t invest in things for their children to do.

The kids love the water pads and run between the water and the playgrounds.

Yesterday we spent the morning at Eagle Fern Park, a park with a river running thru it. The river isn’t deep so the kids could walk across, but deep enough to float in an inner tube. There are walks one can take between the large trees and ferns. Cool and inviting and a break from the heat.

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Long Driving Days

Driving all day with kids, animals and the heat.

The downside and upside to long road trips are the long stretches of time in the car.

Yesterday started out well: breakfast with Julie then 2 hours later lunch with friends in Sonoma, Joe and Stephanie. Actually, Joe and I were co-workers when I was working all of the months in Nor Cal. We’d never met in person but spent lots of time on the phone, text and email plus facebook. It felt like meeting up with old friends.

We picked up our wine club shipment in Sonoma then started to the Santa Rosa area where we had 3 more wineries to pick up from. On the way our little chinchilla passed away. It was hot and he was old. We were so sad, he has been with us for many years but we were glad he was with us and not at home alone.

Of course we hit a ton of road delays, lots of work, lots of delays. Finally we had one winery left, an hour off of the main highway and nearly 5pm. The road to the winery is narrow, steep and it was so hot. They have 1-cent shipping to wine club members so we made the decision to have it shipped home after we return. It would have been nice to have the everyday wines on this trip but we will survive. The grocery stores have a good selection too.

We were disappointed when we couldn’t drive until midnight. We were tired and we didn’t want to sleep in the heat of Redding so stayed coastal.

And while we have lost our little Kerbs we have also greatly enjoyed our granddaughter. She has stayed with us for short times, usually with another grandchild or 2. But she has been quite the entertainer without knowing it.

She has been sitting for all these hours in the car. This morning for an hour or 2 she sang; sang songs in Spanish, then English, then sang while rolling her R’s. She told us that she wasn’t singing a real song, just singing words. She draws detailed pictures for hours, plays pretend jump-rope, talks pretend.

What a girl, and what a way to spend a vacation! Next stop, our son and his family in Oregon. We will be so glad to get out of the car!!! Both granddaughters are beside themselves for us to arrive so they can finally be together.

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And the Grandkids Trip Is Rolling

Grandparents and grandkids off and rolling

As usual, the train was late in rolling away. 2 hours later than we’d hoped to leave but finally what was left behind was a done deal.

Our first destination was Foresthill, a small town in the forest Northeast of Sacramento. We had promises of grilled steaks, corn on the cob and potatoes. Our friend, Julie, only recently purchased her home and was proud of the fact that it had covered RV parking. We were to be the Guinea pigs.

Due to the late start, and of course major road work we found that it was nearly dark when we arrived in Foresthill. As the name implies, she lives in the Forest and on a hill.

Once at Julie’s house it turned out the drive was too steep to turn into, the bed of the truck would need to dig into the 5th wheel and tree branches were hanging too low on the other driveway. But the covered RV space looked really nice from the deck.

Julie suggested the nearby grocery store for parking and we were all goo.

Back at the house nestled in the woods we made life better with some Iron Horse Champagne and good red wine, not to mention lots of food. The potatoes were sliced before bbq’ing, something I’ve not tried before. Hopefully she will share her secret.

So far we have forgotten: the Twinkles water and food dishes, the drain hose for the RV and Zaya’s regular shoes. More stops will need to be made for sure.


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Shopping for the Big Time

Getting Ready to Leave


2nd stop with Zaya was Costco. As it turned out our son ran really late so we had little time to shop on Friday, which was fine. Saturday morning we left and ran to a big box store where they had the $1. bin. We bought out the glow bracelets, glow sticks and bubble guns. Then it was Costco, right when the store opened.

Our list was long; fun cereals, fun treats, 1 of each selection of leggings, books, activity books and on and on. The cart was full, stuffed, but Zaya, ever the brave little shopper, wanted to fill it so full that she couldn’t push it. Fortunately, we were out of space, items falling out, and we had to stop shopping. Alas….

There’s a ton of stuff to pack up this morning. We need to leave late morning so don’t have much time. 2 loads of laundry left. Empty the fridge into the RV, clothes and stuff: find a place to stuff them!

On the back seat of the truck will be Kerby in his cage, Twinkle, Zaya and her activities. I have 3 claims to finish bits and pieces on so will have my work- station in the passenger seat and Dale drives.

Off to get this train ready to roll.

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The Granddaughter Trip

Planning a trip with our granddaughter.

This upcoming trip is different in that we will bring only 1 grandchild and it is really a first long “Grandkids Trip” for her. We’ve done short trips but always included the other young cousins.

Our granddaughter is so excited about this trip and is, according to our daughter-in-law, counting down the days.

We’ve been thinking of how we can tailor our trip more to our granddaughter. I told our son that I thought she might like Mt. St. Helens. His response was that she’d love it. She has asked him every so often when they might go to a volcano. After I told her that we’d visit a volcano she was telling anyone who could hear about how she was going to visit a real volcano. Guess that settled that question!

I’ve also thought that it might be fun to go to tea in either Banff, Lake Louise or Vancouver. Tea and little sandwiches, she will believe she is a princess.

We are looking forward to spoiling our granddaughter completely and then she can go home! That is what grand parenting is all about.

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